Winterizing Your Roof 101

Winter in Houston isn’t usually felt until about late December and January if it is felt at all. In fact, Houston only experiences an average of 18 days of truly freezing temperatures. Snow is even rarer, as well as freezing rain or ice.

However, while these winter occurrences are rare, they do happen and the last thing you want is to be caught unaware. Houston roofs are primarily designed for a hot climate and withstanding heat damage. Yours may not be able to resist damage caused by freezing temperatures, snow, or ice if they do happen.

A Houston roofing company can help you winterize your roof this fall in preparation for the winter ahead. Below are some services you should discuss with your local roofer:

  • Roof inspection for heat damages
    The past summer and spring have been hot and your roof may have sustained damages despite being heat-resistant. These heat damages will only worsen when exposed to cold. Get pro roofers to assess the condition of your roof so you’ll know exactly what repairs are needed to get it ready for winter.
  • Localized roof repairs
    If your roof is in great condition except for some spots, your roofer can perform localized repairs on it. Some common localized repairs include caulking sections where gaps from shrinkage are visible, sealing of punctures and replacing missing or broken shingles. The earlier you attend to these damages and get the pros called, the fewer the damage to your roof and the lesser your expense will be.
  • Installing upgrades against snow and ice
    In the event that there will be snow and ice this winter, it’s best to be prepared. Ice dams can be a problem so be sure that there is sufficient ventilation and insulation in your attic. You should also get your roofers to check your roof’s snow load capability. After all, with all these climate changes we might be surprised by a heavy downfall this year or the next.

For more tips on winterizing your roof, talk to a Houston roofing company today. Check You can also share your thoughts in the comments.