3 Ideas for the Patio Covers Houston Homes Have

Houston’s humid and hot climate is perfect for having patio covers installed on your home. However, just having a covered patio is not enough, especially if you’re looking to add value to your property. Houses with patio covers are a dime a dozen in Houston; how do you set yours apart?

It’s not enough that you have the best patio covers Houston homes can have – they must also be functional and useful. Here are three ideas on maximizing your patio covers that are sure to add great value and attract future home buyers:

  • Use patio covers to extend your living space.
    If you want to extend your living space but cannot afford a room addition right now, a patio cover is a great alternative. You can have your living room open up into your patio with sliding glass doors. This brings a great indoor-to-outdoor vibe to your place that’s quite refreshing in our humid climate. Covered patios can accommodate and protect electrical wiring so you can have lights, fans, and other electronics outdoors.
  • Get an outdoor kitchen.
    Who wants to spend hours slaving over a hot stovetop when they can cook outdoors? Get your own outdoor kitchen by housing your grill and a prep station under a covered patio. You can even add in a fridge and other cooking implements; a covered patio will protect them from the elements.
  • Build an outdoor entertainment area.
    If you love to entertain but lack space indoors, bring your party outdoors under your covered patio. You can have an outdoor dining set and host brunches and barbecues for your family and friends. Planning an outdoor party? You can have it outdoors regardless of the weather. A covered patio will protect you and your guests from too much sun or rain.

If you have a patio cover, how would you use it? Share your ideas in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.