Tips on Protecting Houston Patio Covers from Weathering

Houston’s weather can be unforgiving, especially with the heat and wind – two elements that can severely damage patio covers. For Houston homeowners, wind and heat are common on any given day, but this constant exposure can accelerate the weathering or wear and tear of patio covers. If you loathe to spend more money than necessary on the maintenance of your patio cover, it’s best to protect it from these elements.

One way to protect patio covers is to have them installed in the direction not directly facing the sun. However, if this is too late or impractical, here are some tips you can use:

  • Add ventilation under the patio cover.
    Heat damage isn’t only caused by the sun. It can also start from under the patio cover. If your patio cover absorbs heat, the heat can stay trapped under and cause damage. Heat damage, in this case, can cause the interior of your patio cover to sport blistering surfaces or faded color. To prevent heat from getting trapped under or to help it disperse faster, you need additional ventilation. Ask your contractor to install a ceiling fan under your patio cover.
  • Get your patio cover inspected regularly.
    If you have an insulated patio cover, it’s best to get it checked regularly, at least twice a year, to ensure that the insulation is still sufficient. This is also best for patio covers with full roofs. Get a contractor to check your patio cover roof for damage. Most aluminum patio covers have coatings that help them deflect UV rays so it’s best to ensure that they are in good condition to prevent heat damage.
  • Give patio covers a regular cleanup.
    Dust particles and wind-borne debris can abrade patio covers and scratch the surfaces. To keep this from happening, it’s best to clean your patio cover regularly. A wipe down with soap and water can keep dirt from accumulating.

These tips can keep your patio cover looking good longer. For more tips on protecting your Houston patio covers from weathering, call us at (281) 358-2553.