Improving Houston Homes: Patio Enclosure vs. Patio Cover

Undeniably, a patio can give any Houston home additional living space that can be used for many purposes.  A patio can also greatly enhance the appearance and value of a house.  However, many homeowners are torn between the decision to have either a patio enclosure or a patio cover installed.  Let us take a look at the pros and cons of each option:

Patio Enclosures

Homeowners who want a sunroom or additional room in their houses usually decide to have their patios enclosed.  This way, they can enjoy the additional space whatever the weather may be.  However, when having patio enclosures installed, a patio is usually cut off from the outdoors and would cease to be an open space, as it was originally intended to be.

On the other hand, with careful planning and the right kind of patio enclosure, an enclosed patio can still give homeowners the benefits of the outdoors.  One way to do this is by installing screens to allow the air to enter and using glass panes to let the sunlight in.

Patio Covers

Installing a patio cover is the simpler solution chosen by many homeowners who want to enjoy the full beauty of the outdoors without getting too exposed to the elements.  The kind of patio cover Houston homeowners usually look for is one that not only protects the patio, but also the patio furniture from the damage that may be caused by direct sunlight, rain, or snow.

There are also different kinds of patio covers that give varying degrees of protection.  They have different features that give the homeowner control over varying the degree of sun and shade permitted.  Moreover, these come in many designs, materials, and styles that will be suitable for most kinds of house designs.

When undecided whether to have a patio enclosure or patio cover installed on your patio, let our home improvement experts at All-Tex Home Improvement Services assess your needs and give you an obligation-free proposal.  To arrange for an in-home consultation, please call (281) 358-2553.