7 Factors Behind the Weather Performance of a Siding Houston TX Job

The term “weather performance” has been used by many businesses as a boiler-plate sales pitch, yet only a handful of companies siding Houston TX residences will actually install the best product on your home.

To avoid disappointment, ask about the siding material and let contractors walk you through the ins and outs of any weather resistance claims. Below are some factors worth exploring:

The Big Seven

  1. Topography. Weather conditions partly depend on where your home is located. For Texas, a well-performing siding must be able to resist termites, extreme heat, and high humidity levels. Fiber cement or Hardiplank is a good choice.
  2. Temperature. Elementary science dictates that low temperatures cause objects to contract and high temperatures cause them to expand. The more flexible siding materials are to adjust to temperature changes, the smaller the chance of breakage.
  3. Humidity and Rainfall. Humid conditions are optimal for mold and mildew growth, as well as termite reproduction. Sidings that trap moisture from either the humid air or rainfall can work well against your property and harbor pests instead.
  4. Ultraviolet Radiation. Well-installed sidings theoretically help prevent heat build-up. However, direct solar radiation also triggers a process called thermal expansion. Sidings that are not able to withstand the heat can warp.
  5. Hail. Small accidents should not dent the fixtures right away. To ensure that your siding can withstand the impact of mechanical damage caused by solid objects, hail resistance can serve as a gauge.
  6. Hurricanes. Hurricanes can dislodge connecting taps and rip away entire sidings. Though not as exposed as roof shingles, sidings must be able to function as wind breakers.
  7. Snow Load. The sheer weight of snow can cause flimsy sidings to break. Moisture content can also seep inside and cause the inner portion to rot.

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