North-Facing Replacement Windows Houston – Tips for a Flexible Home

There’s a lot to like about the north-facing replacement windows Houston residences sport.

The windows reduce the harmful effects of direct solar radiation. You can take full advantage of natural lighting, and your interior fixtures are protected.

All the same, the northern orientation is not without disadvantages. Rooms will generally require more heat and extra illumination during gloomy weather.

The following adjustments can help:

  • Choose movable instead of fixed replacement windows. Fixed windows are designed to optimize home insulation. However, the movable type can come in handy should you need to access external shading devices or ventilate the room.
  • To toggle between winter sun access and summer heat protection, install external blinds and adjustable shutters. If your replacement windows are fixed, then opt for interior shading aides instead.
  • Avoid setting up pergolas with fixed louvers directly outside your north-facing windows. Although semi-open pergolas allow sunshine (minus the heat) through during midday, the fixed angles will keep you from enjoying the softer morning and late afternoon sun.
  • Don’t spruce up the pergolas with deciduous plants. These plants tend to shed off leaves and branches that might scratch any special glass coating. Additionally, when deciduous plants are at their prime, they can overcool your home.
  • To ensure that your house stays well-insulated during the cooler months, don’t settle for anything less than argon or krypton-filled dual-pane replacement windows. Consider Simonton’s Southern Legacy Elite windows for best results.

For further reading on how to enhance the performance of your windows against heat loss and heat gain, see also “Interior Shading Devices to Aid the Performance of Replacement Windows Houston.” To inquire about our Southern Legacy Elite window replacements or schedule a free consultation, go ahead and give us a call. We can be reached at (281) 358-2553.