Roofing Houston Contractors Ask: Is Your Roof Ready for Rain?

Over the last few weeks, Houston has been blessed with gorgeous weather, but if current reports are to be believed, we’re in for a stretch of wet and windy days. Now, the question is, is the roofing Houston homes have ready for rain?

While we had a mild and late winter, the cold weather no doubt left some roofs with damages. Are you 100% sure your roof survived winter intact? If not, you might just find your roof leaking when the rain comes. According to weather reports, we can easily expect 1-3 inches of rain and winds with speeds of 20-30mph. Can your roof handle this weather? Here’s how to find out:

Check your attic. When we say check, we mean more than a cursory glance at the ceiling.

  • Check your attic for water stains and sniff for a moldy or musty smell in the room. If your attic survived the winter without water stains or mold, you can be at least partially assured that your roof is alright.
  • Mold, mildew, and water stains are commonly caused by ice dams that formed during winter. The presence of these symptoms means that your roof has been compromised and is not 100% rain-ready as you might have hoped.

Survey your shingles. If your home is a two story, you can easily survey the state your first floor shingles are in by looking out the window of your home’s second floor. Do not attempt to walk on your roof to survey the shingles up close. The signs you’re looking for can be easily observed from a distance and without risking injury.

  • Survey your roof for missing, cracked, and broken shingles. Damaged shingles can mean that your roof cannot withstand strong winds. Cracks and breaks also promote leaks – something you definitely don’t want.
  • Keep an eye out for algae and moss growth. Algae and moss growths also mean that your roof is saturated with moisture enough to sustain simple plant life. As you know moisture saturation and shingles do not mix well.

To be sure that your roof is really ready for the rainy season that’s about to come with spring, it’s best to call on professional roofing Houston contractors to check. Call us at (281) 358-2553 for more information on weather-proofing your roof or to schedule a free on-site inspection.