Roofing Houston: Understanding Contracts

Contracts have been as much a part of roofing Houston projects as asphalt shingle fasteners. However, most homeowners are kept in the dark when it comes to truly understanding a contract.

A written contract protects you and your roofer. As a contract is the agreement between you and your contractor, you are bound to whatever you have agreed upon in the contract. As such, a contract should be comprehensive and should address all of these issues:

Description of Materials

Materials take up a bulk of roofing Houston projects, so it is important that the contract specifies the materials to be used in the project and their description. The most common materials included are the following:

  • Shingles
  • Vent Materials
  • Underlayment
  • Rake Edge
  • Valley

Mode of Payment

The contract should likewise determine the specifics of payments for the project. Some contracts have more provisions for payments, but your contract should generally have the following:

  • Terms of Payment – Defines how payments are to be made.
  • Amount – The contract should state the final amount of the project. This should also state how excess fees from emergency repairs are to be dealt with.

There are some contractors that ask for a small amount as initial payment during the start of a project, while other contractors ask for a percentage of the final amount during certain phases of a project. Both are acceptable practices, but in no way should you pay a contractor in full before a job is completed and has undergone inspection.

Lien Waivers

Be sure that your roofing Houston contractor signs a lien release form. Lien waivers protect homeowners and the workers. Without a lien release waiver, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. When a roofing firm decides not to pay the supplier and sub-contractors for any reason, you have to pay for the materials and labor fees even though you have paid the contractor already. There are generally four lien release forms.

  • Conditional Waiver And Release Upon Progress Payment
  • Unconditional Waiver And Release Upon Progress Payment
  • Conditional Waiver And Release Upon Final Payment
  • Unconditional Waiver And Release Upon Final Payment

As lien releases and waivers cover a lot of ground, we will be tackling this topic in depth on a separate post. However, it is worth noting here that a lien waiver is only effective when a claimant signs the release and waiver.


Your insurance protects you, your property, and the roofing Houston contractor. Never sign a contract unless it states that you will receive a certificate of insurance before a project. In addition, industry standard for roofing projects is one million dollars. Do not settle for anything less.

To ensure that you make the most of your contract, be sure that you only hire a trusted roofer. Trusted contractors provide fair contracts that are easy to understand. With over 20 years of experience, All-Tex Home Improvements is among the most trusted roofing Houston firms. For quality roofing replacement projects in Houston TX areas, call us at (281) 358-2553.