Tips for Garage Floor Maintenance in Houston

Concrete garage floors are prone to damage, even though they are often covered and sheltered by a roof. As your house settles, the concrete can expand and contract, leaving cracks and uneven surfaces in your floor. Tire tracks, spilled chemicals and grease can also do a number on your floor.

Damages, scratches, and stains on your concrete floor can make your garage, and by extension your home, look unkempt, dirty, and old. If you want to avoid these, it’s best to practice garage floor maintenance in your Houston home.

  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur.
    Don’t wait for the spills to dry before cleaning them up. Whether it’s just water, oil, or grease, clean it up immediately. Letting them dry and set can stain the porous surface of your concrete floor. If you can’t clean them up immediately, cover the spill with an absorbent rag or newspaper so these materials absorb the liquid, not your floor.Coating your garage floor in Houston can help a lot in preventing scratch marks and stains. The high sheen surface and sealant will seal the surface pores, making your floor resistant to staining and discoloration.
  • Let tires cool down or drive gently out of your garage.
    Tire burns are common culprits for concrete floor damage. Driving at high speeds in or out of your garage can cause skid marks and tire burns on the surface. This is also true when you park in your garage after a long drive with overheated tires.

Garage floor coatings do more than just make your concrete floors shiny. These coating products protect your floor from scratches, gouge marks, stains, and water damage. For more information about garage floor coatings and how Houston contractors can help, you can call us today or use our quote request form for your inquiries.