What to Look for in a Garage Floor Coating Product?

Coating your garage floor is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most convenient home improvement projects you can take on with the best benefits. Since most Houston garage floors are made of poured concrete, they eventually look weathered, dirty, and stained over time – especially in an area that sees a lot of chemicals and grease.

One way to ensure that your concrete garage floor stays as good as it looks for a long time, is to have it sealed with a garage floor coating. A protective coating will keep your concrete floor looking new, water-resistant, and stain-proof. It will also be more resistant to skid marks and tire burns. Professionally applied coating products will give your floor these benefits and more.

Most professional applicators of garage coatings have their preferred or recommended brands. However, it’s your floor so you must make sure that they use a high quality garage floor coating product. Here’s how to tell:

  • Look for a product that bonds well with concrete.
    The last thing you want is for your new concrete coating to peel in just a month or two. Ask your contractor for a product that bonds well with concrete like the Roll on Rock coating system. This coating system actually starts with a base coat that seeps into the concrete for a stronger bond.
  • Ask for a product that is convenient to apply.
    Many homeowners are hesitant to have their concrete floor coated because they think that it takes long hours of work. In truth, even high-end concrete coatings can be applied in five hours or less. Most floors can also be stepped on within as little as two hours after application. At most, a garage floor coating project in Houston will take only two days, including thorough surface preparation.

For more information on garage floor coatings or the Roll on Rock Coating system, leave a comment or call one of our experts today.