Why Choose Professionally-Installed Patio Covers

A patio has always been considered a great addition to Houston homes because it can be used all year long.  Even during the winter, it still provides additional living space since Houston winters are usually mild and snowfalls are really rare.  Moreover, there are so many kinds of patio covers that can cater to the specific needs of different Houston homeowners.

There are many local contractors that install the kind of patio cover Houston homeowners look for.  On the other hand, there are also DIY patio cover kits available nowadays that can be installed by the homeowners themselves.  However, many homeowners opt to have their patio covers professionally installed for the following reasons:


Sure, the DIY patio cover kits come in many designs, materials, sizes, and colors that can match most house styles.  However, these may not be perfectly suitable for the patios in many Houston homes.  After all, the patio varies in each home, as do the needs and preferences of a homeowner.   It would be difficult to find a DIY kit that would sufficiently cover a custom-made patio and that would blend seamlessly with the adjacent house structures at the same time.

Meanwhile, a professionally-installed patio cover takes a patio’s size and the homeowners’ needs into consideration.  A contractor usually inspects the area before giving the homeowner the free benefit of expert recommendations.


The quality of the installation of a patio cover differs when it is done by a professional.  If an inexperienced individual does the installation, there is the risk that it will not be installed properly or safely.  More often than not, this leads to problems in the future and renders the poorly-installed patio cover more vulnerable to damage.  A patio cover that has been installed by an experienced professional is more durable and secure.  All Tex also provides warranties you can’t get from a DIY kit.

Have a professional assess and cater to your patio cover needs.  To get a free quote or arrange for our free onsite inspection and recommendations, you can call (281) 358-2553 or fill out our request form.