Get Rid of Roof Algae Once and for All

If there is one problem that’s been persistently plaguing Houston homes, it’s algae growth on roofs. The warm and humid local climate promotes the growth of these unwelcome additions to your roof since they thrive in damp environments.

Algae can cause unsightly streaking on your roof. It can also take root on your roof and wear down the shingles and the underlayment. As one of Houston’s trusted roofers we propose this system that can help you get rid of roof algae once and for all:

  • Get your roof inspected for sufficient ventilation.
    Lack of ventilation can promote a humid environment in your attic and on your roof. We can check your roof’s ventilation and install additional vents if necessary. Algae are more common on the northern part of a roof, which does not get as much sun and isn’t able to dry completely, especially if shaded by trees.
  • Have your roof cleaned professionally.
    Pressure or power washing your roof by yourself may seem more budget-friendly, but it can cause more damage to your roof in the long run. Power washing can dislodge the granules on an asphalt roof or push shingles completely off if not done professionally. We can clean and brush off algae for you. We can also remove accumulated debris like leaves and foliage from your gutter and roof surface. When rotted, these can provide fodder for more algae growth.
  • Seal leaks and shingle gaps immediately.
    Leaks and gaps can let water into your roof, introducing the excess moisture problem that encourages algae growth. Since the best defense is a good offense, go on the offensive and seal any holes and gaps under the shingles. This prevents any excess moisture from getting into your roof and encouraging algae growth.

For more tips on how to prevent algae on your roof, call us today. Our resident roofing experts can give you great advice and even do a free roof inspection to look over your algae problem.