Roofing Houston Homes with Dimensional Shingles

More and more roofing Houston contractors, designers, and builders are using dimensional shingles in their projects. Find out why this relatively new material is making waves in the roofing industry.

Three Dimensional Shingles Hide Roof Blemishes

Dimensional shingles are very effective in hiding roof blemishes, such as bowed wood and depressions in the roof deck, because it does not have the uniform pattern of the three-tab. With dimensional shingles, a roof support structure, which would otherwise need an overhaul, can have its lifespan extended for another 10-20 years.

While roofing Houston contractors strongly advise against roofing over bent roof decks, dimensional shingles do a fairly good job of protecting weaker roofing structures without putting too much strain on it. Contact a reliable roofing company and have them check your roof deck.


With over twice the durability of the three-tab, dimensional shingles are more resilient to being blown off by strong winds, sustaining damage from temperature swings, and humidity.

The dimensional shingle owes its reliability to the way it is manufactured. Aside from the granule coating protecting its exterior, dimensional shingles have two times the amount of material three-tab shingles have.

A longer-lasting roof means less roof repairs over time, and more money saved for things that really matter.

Fire Resistance

The majority of dimensional shingles come with class-A fire resistance rating. A roofing material with such a rating is able to withstand severe exposure to fire without cracking, breaking, or catching fire itself. This means that in the event of a fire, you are assured that your roof will not easily break, buckle, or fall.  This could mean preventing a life-threatening situation in the event of a house fire.

With dimensional shingles finding its way onto more homes, its reliability has become the standard upon which all other roofing materials are measured.

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